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Hip Hop Heals

By Shauna Tepper

      As a student at The Ohio State University, I recently had the opportunity to attend a conference concerning Hip Hop titled, Hip Hop Literacies Conference: Pedagogies for Social Change. Upon arriving at the conference I decided I wanted to attend the first panel entitled “Mass Incarceration, Community Re-Entry and Hip Hop.” Until the last speaker, Mr. Yarima Karama spoke; I saw almost no connection between incarceration and Hip Hop. Now, after hearing Mr. Karama speak, I see the way Hip Hop heals.
      Mr. Karama, a well dressed, exceedingly articulate, and confident man walked up to the podium and immediately opened up to the audience about his past. This man, who I assumed to be a professor at a university, had served a nineteen year and…

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