How Money Slips through your Fingers?

MoneySkills with Nelson Letshwene


Money is magical. And one of its favourite tricks is the disappearing act! People say, it slipped through my fingers. How does it do that?

First of all, what does it mean “it slipped through my fingers”? I think it means they do not know where it went. How could they not know?

Many people do a budget for the month. All the major things are put on the budget: the rent or mortgage repayment; the car payment; water, electricity, fuel, telephone, groceries. Did I leave anything out?

Let’s see the slippery side of money!

The unaccounted expenses. How much of your expenses go unaccounted for? Let’s start with your lunch. If you take a lunch box from home to work, then your lunch is part of your groceries. But, if you buy lunch at work, do you know how…

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