Hating Hate

Dissection of a Misanthrope


I’ve been called nigger lover by White racists and just plain racist by Black racists. I’ve been attacked by a Hispanic for a perceived social slight, but racial my heritage probably does not differ much from my assailant. I saw red when someone made a stereotypical comment about the Deep South. Georgia was founded on anti-slavery and Florida had laws giving slaves rights; New Jersey had none, but Jersey had either second or third in the number of slaves at the time of the Civil War. History is complex and people do not want to read deep into such a challenging subject.

People may read hate in what I write. Yes, I do some attacks on Feminists, but the I attack the fact many don’t realize opposing views exist under the Feminist label. Roman Catholics do the same thing. Liberal Catholics do what Martin Luther did at the beginning; he…

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