Far Cry from home.

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Have I ever told you, the definition of insanity?

I think it’s about time that I took a moment to look at a game I found myself caught up in for at least 2 straight months, the latest in the Far Cry series from Ubisoft, Far Cry 3. Not initially the most imaginative of titles to say the least, yet it belies the wealth of complexity on offer. I’ll say this early on as well, if your a person who often looks down on the gaming industry with contempt/misunderstanding… then please continue to read this entry, I hope it might change your mind with regards to how this industry is evolving as a whole.

Anyway where was I? Oh yes a wealth of complexity, the game is set on two remote islands somewhere between the Indian and Pacific, both completely open to explore, though the second island is unlocked following…

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