How do you spell “SUCCESS”?

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imagesCA3GO55BDoes the name: Arvind Mahankali mean anything to anyone?  What about the word ‘knaidel‘?  Well if anyone has been reading the news lately (and by the way Kim Kardashian apparently had COSMETIC SURGERY while PREGNANT) they will know that Arvind Mahankali is the 13-year-old from New York who won the Scripps national spelling bee for correctly spelling the word ‘knaidel’…a small ball of leavened dough. 

Now…I’ve noticed an extremely interesting but very DISTURBINGfact from working so closely with banded patients.  What I’ve noticed is that although  many lapband patients are incredibly talented in so many ways…they are terrible spellers.  A STRANGE phenomenon you have to admit!!  What is even more strange??  The one word that many seem to have particular difficulty with…“Success”.  Yup,  not a real difficult one if you ask me and I’m sure young Arvind could bang that one out in his sleep. 

Just this morning…

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