Microsoft Satiates Developers’ Ever-Loving Appetites For Lower Pricing With Per-Minute Billing On Windows Azure


Microsoft is satiating customers’ appetites for affordable pricing with news today of per-minute billing, no charge for stopping virtual machines (VM) and discounted developer and test rates.

In a blog post this morning, Microsoft announced:

  • No charge for stopped VMs
  • Pay by the minute billing
  • MSDN use rights now supported on Windows Azure
  • Discounted MSDN dev/test rates
  • MSDN monetary credits
  • Added portal support for tracking MSDN monetary credit usage

Paying by the minute allows a customer to run a VM, cloud service, website or mobile service for only the minutes used in an hour. Previously a customer would be charged for the full hour even if the customer used only a few minutes. Google offers per-minute billing on Google Compute Engine. Amazon Web Services charge by the hour. ProfitBricks was the first infrastructure as a service provider to offer per-minute billing.

Microsoft is in essence dropping prices again by not…

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