A summer gift for you: a $7 discount coupon on all of Inky’s deals

Summer is finally here and we’ve all been expecting it. And together with it, the time to relax, rest and enjoy the moments of peace after some hard work. You’ve probably already started planning how to spend this summer – we’re doing that too.
But we must not forget about the projects that need to be finished. In order to help you, we wanted to surprise you with a $7 discount coupon on any product available on Inky Deals!
This way, you can relax and spend more quality time with your friends and then come back prepared for all your design projects!
Coupon Code:SUMMRINKY7
Note: This coupon is available only for 48 hours, until June 3rd!


Share this coupon with your friends, relatives or whoever you want, but whatever you do, don’t miss this opportunity, because in two days the discount will be gone!

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