Malaika Fest.

Malaika Fest’ Set to become a Kenyan Brand?
The residents of Rong’e Juu Location and Taita Taveta  County in general
are bracing themselves for  a major ‘Mwazindika  dance’ and a heartfelt
rendition  of Fadhili William ballads come Saturday, May 25th, 2013 to
mark the late music icon’s 12th Anniversary since his demise.

Fadhili William, to whom the  Kenyan ‘Malaika Festival’ is a tribute, is
the acclaimed author-composer of the World-famous song ‘Malaika’ whose
original composition the late South African songstress Miriam Makeba
erroneously and, unfortunately, attributed to a Tanzanian. Other
Artistes, like Benin’s Angelique Kidjo, also, have  unwittingly repeated
Makeba’s original ‘sin’. Starting with ‘Ukifika Taita’-arguably Fadhili’s
most evergreen Kiswahili song in praise of Taita Hills and their lush
pastures that is gradually becoming one of the Festival’s signature tunes
besides ‘Malaika’, the fete promises to deliver  aesthetic, sound and
culinary tastes that  have so far characterized  the  growing Malaika