Show me a sign or just point me towards the direct line,

Because through you I know I’ll shine & together we shall dine.

A celebration of what you’ve made mine for with you through the entire struggle I believe I can.


All I ask for is the wealth and wisdom of King Solomon,

Courage, will power and strength to face my challenges like King David,

Live long, healthy & happy like Old Methuselah,

In everything that I set my hands upon may it be a golden touch of King Midas,

Innovative, creative and persistent like Ancient China,

Beauty & elegance of mind, abundant & resourceful like Mama Africa,

And above all may my heart be filled with love, kindness, joy and forgiveness like your only begotten son Jesus Christ.


Open my eyes so I can see the beauty beyond the horizon.

Season after season of oblivion be filled with abundant optimistic reasons.

Reasons to hold on despite challenges for we filled with passion,

Reasons to push on despite draw-backs for you know my green zones,

Reasons to look up to you despite earthly pleasures comforting with a shoulder to lean on.


I might not be a huge human being but deep within me am a giant warrior, strongly built to fight your battles in a modern unique way.

May the knowledge, encouragement, wisdom and information you share through me be a word of Hope to many like and unlike me.

May your presence and resourceful nature be felt through I your servant across the whole universe.

May your creative, inspirational and innovative experience be far spread to the tips of my little but humble hands and fingers Oh God and let the world feel and enjoy your touch.

May my name, to which you granted, be a reminder to my fellow man that you truly exist and are ever present.

May all the actions I do symbolize your blessings not only as the Hero but the Legend who lives in and through me.