Beyblade: Evolution Coming To Nintendo 3DS

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beybladeSpinning its way straight onto your Nintendo 3DS’s is Beyblade: Evolution – a new title that promises to use the consoles’ 3D to its advantage by using gyro and motion senses to manipulate the Augmented Reality camera for precise control. Published by Rising Star Games, Beyblade: Evolution is an exciting take on the Metal Saga television series – a spin-off to the original Beyblade series – which has been largely successful since its launch in 2010. 

Players will engage in real-time multiplayer battles or can follow the story mode campaign to unlock secret areas and information to fine-tune their tops in the Bey Factory. The game will also see a special collector’s edition release, which includes a six-piece Beyblade Wing Pegasus toy, previously only available in Japan. Beyblade: Evolution is set for release this fall in Europe and America.

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