Can’t decide between Nokia Lumia 520 or Nokia Lumia 620? Here’s our guide

This Is Nokia

Some people are getting confused because can’t decide between Nokia Lumia 520 or Lumia 620,so here’s our guide

Why Nokia Lumia 520?
#1 More Affordable ($179 vs $249-299)
#2 Larger screen (4.0 vs 3.8)
#3 Supersensitive touch screen so you can touch the device with thick gloves,pen,pencil and etc
#4 Better battery life
#5 slimmer and lighter
#6 Better design?

Why Nokia Lumia 620?
#1 Clearblack display you will not afraid using your phone at outdoor in the morning or afternoon,very crisp and sharp viewing angles
#2 NFC
#3 Dolby Digital+ Rich Recording it can makes your music or video recording sound crisper and more detail
#4 crisper display because smaller screen
#5 LED flash
#6 compatible with Nokia city lens
#7 Dual Shot colors

So our conclusion is if you want a larger screen and can touch the phone with anything+ more affordable you can go for Nokia Lumia520

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